NaNoWriMo 2002 Entry

I’ve uploaded a copy of my NaNoWriMo entry from last year:

Save Point (HTML Version)
Save Point (PDF Version)

NaNoWriMo is a competition held every year during November. Participants “compete” to write a 50,000 word novel within those 30 days. Anyone who reaches the goal by the end of the month is declared a “winner.”

Last year I signed up for the contents on Oct 31 on a whim, having no idea what I’d be writing about. I spent Nov 1 trying to come up with an idea for a story, and I spent the next 22 days writing it. End result: 50,588 words.

Save Point is a story about a student who comes upon a device that gives him a limited ability to travel back in time to a predetermined point in time. (Somewhat like Groundhog Day, but voluntary instead of involuntary.) He tries to use the device to help him get through the problems he encounters that day….

The feedback I had gotten on the story was surprisingly positive, considering how I was largely making things up as I went along. I’ve never read it myself, though.

For this November’s competition, I’m trying to do more planning ahead of time before Nov 1 comes around. I’ve got a basic idea already, but I still need to come up with more characters and an outline for the plot. I don’t think last year’s seat-of-your-pants planning will work so well for this one.

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  1. I remember reading that story last year. It was great. I loved the concept the realism of the characters, and the overall theme and lesson of it. It may have been written in haste but it still was very good.

  2. Thanks. Hopefully my next effort will turn out at least as well.

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